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Cost of Dentures Appleton, WI

Cost for any dental procedure in Appleton, WI can be a deciding factor for many patients, and denture cost is no exception. Traditional dentures, for many patients, are both costly and time consuming—treatments can requires as many as five separate appointments to the dentist, a factor that greatly influences overall cost. If you are considering dentures in Appleton Wisconsin but are hesitant because of cost, know that there are now many denture alternatives available. Patients in Appleton can choose between traditional dentures, fixed denture, or the best of both worlds: denture attachments.

Traditional removable dentures work for many patients because they are easy to remove if need be. However, some patients find that they have trouble chewing and speaking, and that over time, removable dentures become loose and ill fitting. Because of these disadvantages, fixed dentures via dental implants were introduced. This denture treatment involves the placement of dental implants into the jawbone, to which a patients dentures are permanently attached. This treatment offers many benefits including ease of chewing and speaking, as well as the look and feel of naturally growing teeth. However, not being able to remove dentures can cause problems as well.

When it comes to denture cost, patients are now learning that investing in the newest denture technology—denture attachments—not only provides the best of both worlds, but also saves patients the most money in the long run.

Denture attachment systems rely on implant technology to provide fixed stability for removable dentures, while offering patients the ability to easily remove their dentures at any time. The process is very similar to the fixed dentures treatment—your certified implant dentist will place dental implants into the jawbone, which will act as stable support for dentures. In addition, metal attachments, complete with O-rings, will be attached to the bottom of the patients’ dentures. These attachments will line up with the dental implants, allowing patients to snap the dentures on and off with ease.

So how does this effect denture cost? It doesn’t. This innovative technology offers patients better fitting dentures in less time, at relatively the same cost. In addition, denture attachments will save patients money in the long run because they are designed to provide longer-lasting results, meaning the problems commonly associated with traditional dentures are drastically reduced if not eliminated all together.

If you think dentures are right for you, but are hesitating because of denture cost, contact a certified implant dentist in your area today to discuss all of your denture options.